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Professional Carpet Cleaning SERVICE


​​​​​​Residential Carpet Cleaning
2 Rooms = $80 (minimum charge)
3 Rooms = $105
4 Rooms = $130
5 Rooms = $160 (each additional room $35)

Hallways = $10 (<10ft)

               = $20 (>10ft)
*Stairs = $30 (Up to 15 steps. Additional step = $3/each)

*Stair Landing = $5
*Living Room/Dining Room Combo = 2 Rooms
*Oversized rooms >250 square Feet = 2 Rooms

Commercial Carpet Cleaning ​= .25 cents/sqft


Expert Carpet Restoration

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Carpet Cleaning

Do you get tired of seeing those same old spots and stains on your carpet, staring you in the face? Seems like they're screaming"LOOK AT ME" as soon as you walk in the door, doesn't it? A spill here from the kids...an accident there from the pet...and  BOOM!Your floors look like  a war zone! Don't worry, We can help! Our professional carpet cleaningtechnicians are experts at diagnosing your carpet and coming up with the best solution for your cleaning needs. 

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...for a great cleaning experience!

​​​Whether your carpets need a quick touch up steam cleaning, or a deep Rotovac cleaning, we've got you covered! Your carpets are cleaned with the best  non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning solutions, leaving your carpets looking as good as they did when you first moved in! All of our work is guaranteed. If you don't like your professional steam cleaning, we will gladly clean your carpets again, to your liking. If you're still not satisfied, we will refund your money...no questions asked.We stand by our work!

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