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​​​Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, LOL! No, but on the serious side...CHEAPER ISN"T ALWAYS BETTER. Paying your hard earned money for sub-par service can sometimes leave you paying more in the long run. To top it off, most of the companies that advertise things like "low prices" or "cheap carpet cleaner" are just that...CHEAP! They show up to your door (after giving you that 3-4 hour arrival window...what's that about??? Ours is 1 Hour) trying to pressure and up-sell you immediately.

Please don't make the mistake of hiring one of these companies. Call Rams Carpet Cleaning!We boast a No Risk, money back guarantee. Unlike the big named companies, Rams Carpet Cleaning is family owned and operated. This means we have a little more freedom to be more personable, and Down to Earth! 

You get what You pay for!

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Sectional = $130

Sofa = $90
Love Seat = $80
Any 2 Chairs = $80
Ottoman = $30

Dining Room Chairs = $20/Chair
Pillows = $3

​​​​​Residential Carpet Cleaning
2 Rooms = $90 (minimum charge)
3 Rooms = $115
4 Rooms = $140
5 Rooms = $165 

Hallways = $10 (<10ft)

                    $20 (>10ft)
*Each additional room is $35 after 5 rooms
*Stairs = $40 (Up to 15 stairs. Each additional step = $3)

*Stair Landing = $5
*Living Room/Dining Room Combo = 2 Rooms
*Oversized rooms >250 square Feet = 2 Rooms

Full & Twin = $80
Queen & King = $90

California King = $100

Commercial Carpet
.25 cents/sqft

Tile and Grout
.79 cents/sqft